Travel And Landscape Photography

I have a genuine passion for landscape photography and travel from my coastal home in Suffolk to capture stunning panoramic scenes across the Highlands of Scotland, England and Wales. I am also able to supply atmospheric landscape photography for both editorial magazines and commercial advertising use. I am well known for my skills in UK landscape photography and I regularly conduct a variety of landscape commissions.

Alongside private individual commissions, I undertake commercial landscape photography work from a variety of clients such as; travel agencies, local authorities, farmers, heritage sites and outdoor businesses.

Fine Art Photography

Fine art photography is the most creative area of image capturing. It is where I as the photographer can be more expressive and have more control in what I capture. fine art photography is more about my own feelings and vision for a subject than the literal representation of that subject itself.

A quote from the master himself Ansel Adams.

“Art implies control of reality, for reality itself possesses no sense of the aesthetic. Photography becomes art when certain controls are applied.”

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