Unexpected Opportunities

Sometimes photography turns up unexpected opportunities to capture images. My photography as a rule is usually planned in some way either by set studio work. Or when my landscape work is concerned I can spend countless hours researching the area to be photographed. This would normally include the area’s climate, weather patterns and the best areas to shoot from to maximise natural light. But every now and then the unexpected can happen which can lead to capturing a significant image.

For instance a few weeks back I took my family camping in North Norfolk, UK, on a lovely site called deers glade with some friends. We do this every year and so far have been extremely lucky with the weather. We have a 5 metre Bell Tent and it is just perfect for our trips as the kids have plenty of space should the heavens open to play in.

And this time they did, a lot! On the second day of being on the campsite. From about 6 O’clock in the morning the heavens opened up with a heaviness of rain I have not seen for a long time. It rained throughout the day, so much so we decided to hire a boat on the Norfolk Broads. And take a cruise around this wonderful place with me being ruthlessly volunteered to be the captain of the ship.

When the Clouds Part

But come the late evening the clouds started to part and the torrential rain eased off. Just in time to light the fire pit so the kids could have the hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows. But it was at this point that my photographer’s eyes started to engage. Knowing how the weather patterns work in my area. Normally after a day of rain, there is a very good chance you’ll get a red-hot sky at sunset if the sky clears. The same can happens at sunrise after an overnight rain. 

Just after the kids had settled in for the night I got my camera out ready. And sure enough, as the sun sunk lower in the sky the palettes of colours started to form. Until it eventually it turned to this red-hot colour in the picture below. At no point during the day did I think I would be able to get my camera out to capture an image of any kind. Especially with how heavy the rain was. But just having a little bit of knowledge meant this opportunity was not missed.   


Image taken at Deers Glade Camping site after a horrific day of Rain August 2018

Image taken at Deers Glade Camping Site after a horrific day of rain August 2018