Location Scouting: Planning and Researching.

Over the years, I have spent a considerable amount of time researching locations to photograph. Then, visiting the sites and scouting them out before eventually planning the best time to photograph them.
There are lots of things to consider before the shutter is eventually clicked. For coastal photography access to the areas you want to photograph can be an issue. Sometimes it means a good hike out. Or sometimes it’s just a matter of getting a parking spot! timing of the tide is also key, not only for the image you want to create. But you also don’t want to be getting yourself in a position where you are cut off by the tide. Light is the next factor. How is the scene illuminated by the sun at different times of the day? The weather and how the location are affected with the different seasons is also crucial to be able to understand. Are there any elements that could be distracting that might need working on in post-production?

Cobbolds Point, Felixstowe, Suffolk. Ben Nichols Photography Cobbolds Point, Felixstowe, Suffolk ©️Ben Nichols Photography


Location Scouting

All the skills mentioned above are transferable when it’s comes to location scouting. The years of experience I have gained in location scouting and researching for my own projects means I have decided to add this service on top of my other photography services.
Location scouting is a big part of any pre-production for a film production. We work to a brief to find locations that match a particular scene. We research our vast resources available to find locations that can accommodate the production crew. The production vehicles that are needed, Then the scene itself. We identify potential issues with the location such as noise, traffic, airports etc. We then liaise with land and property owners seeking to obtain their permission then report back to the location manager.

Lagangarbhn Cottage, Glencoe, Highlands, Scotland. Ben Nichols Photography.Lagangarbhn Cottage, Glencoe, Highlands, Scotland. ©️ Ben Nichols Photography


Location Scouting Areas Of Work

The types of locations that us location scouts find ourselves in can be very differential. One minute it could be scouting out a dockyard for a drama series. Or it could be looking for a location in the city. But my favourite is looking for locations in wild and remote areas. This is something I specialise in. My years spent in these remote areas studying my photography. have given me a wealth of knowledge on how these areas work and how best to approach them.

Shenavall Bothy, Dundonnell, Highlands, Scotland. ©️ Ben Nichols Photography

New Location Scouting Website

For this new service I have created a brand new website locationscouting.co.uk you can also visit it from this link from my main menu on my main website.