The Permissions

A few weeks back I needed to get a particular aerial photo of the RSPB Minsmere in Suffolk. Luckily fo me I am very friendly with the landowner who gave me permission to camp out on there marshes.  Which borders with the RSPB reserve the next stage was getting permission to fly the drone in a restricted air space. Unfortunately, when I had checked the area That I wanted to photograph.  I was just inside a restricted zone of a nuclear power station.  Also there was info showing of another restricted area but not enough detail to say what it was about.

After several phone calls to the CAA ( Civil Air Authority) and the NATS  (National Air Transport Services). I had found out that the air space over the East Coast was being restricted from certain dates.  due to the Royal Air Force practicing for the 1oo year centenary flight, Luckily this would not effect me.

My next task was to get the permission from the nuclear site. This involved several emails and phone calls, but eventually permission was granted for the morning that I wanted to fly.

Setting up camp

Finally I was all packed up and ready to camp, so I headed out for the marshes. The evening was bright with a little bit of wind but perfect conditions for the morning’s flight. After setting up the tent I settled in for the night. Watching the sunset and the odd red deer that was mooching about. But one thing that I had forgot about was the diesel pump house. That was  across the small river from me. The constant noise pretty much kept me up all night, and when did get to sleep I was awoken by a cricket that had some how got into my inner tent and was making one hell of a noise.

First light and the aerial shot

It wasn’t long and the mornings first light had started to fall on the ground, by this time I was wide awake sitting out of the tent with the drone all ready to go. I had only brought two batteries with me so timing was crucial to capture the image with the right light. Eventually the layer of cloud had started to break up and now was the time to set the drone up in the air, but only after I had contacted the nuclear site to tell them that I was going airborne.

With the shots captured  and the nuclear site informed that I had landed I packed my gear and headed home back to a bed with no crickets in!


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