Fine Art Photography

Fine art photography for me a is a great way to explore creative concepts and break the normal rules of photography. For me the three main focuses of my fine art work are mountains, rivers and the sea. sometimes I will focus on the micro landscapes that help make up the surrounding landscape for instance leaves, rocks, pebbles and sand.  

My fine art work is always in a square format and black and white. I use both a digital and film workflow. for my digital work I use a Sony A7R ii with both Sony and Zeiss lenses. For my film workflow I use a Hasselblad medium format 500 CM and Hasselblad Lenses and Kodak Tri-x 400 black and white film. 

This sort of work would not be possible without my tried and trusted LEE Filters 100 system. Its a system that I have used for several years and my photography relies on its dependability and durability. 

Prints for my fine art work are available from my shop page or click the link here