Professional aerial photography

Aerial photography allows the viewer an exclusive perspective of the landscape below. Aerial photographs can portray the beauty of a space, or they can provide a detailed analysis of crop health and even volumetric data. I am licensed to fly drones commercially as I am CAA qualified with a PfCO license, so you can be confident in the service that you are receiving. Based in Suffolk Ben is able to travel the UK to carry out any aerial work.

Beautiful aerial photography

In a sales brochure, aerial photography can deliver a visually striking way to depict a building within its habitat. Local landmarks and infrastructure are presented to the viewer, giving meaningful context to any presentation.

Professionally qualified drone surveying services

Aerial photography can do so much more than create a visually striking image. For example:

  • In agriculture, drone photography can be utilised to survey land from an aerial perspective. This is an effective way to assess and monitor the health of crops.
  • Drone photography can be used to create 2D and 3D images of an area or building.
  • In volumetrics, a drone can be deployed to explore large deposits and get a picture of how much there is to collect.
  • Health and safety surveys can be enhanced with the use of a drone. Sending people into dangerous areas is risky, but sending a drone eliminates the danger and produces a visual record of the findings.

Versatility for the modern age

The benefits of drone surveying and aerial photos are diverse and rich. It is a creative technique and a tool that only became available to us in recent times, yet it has already become a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide.

But photography of any kind requires no small amount of skill to be ‘right’. The clarity, the sharpness, and the overall relevance need to be technically perfect, so you need a quality photographer to succeed.

Make the first move

I offer a comprehensive, high-end service for which I have undertaken extensive training and gained a huge amount of experience. My clients come from a wide range of industries, consistently delivering a cutting-edge, reliable aerial photos service across the UK.

If you are in need of a quality aerial photography UK service, you can contact me. The first step is to receive a free quotation and/or a free consultation, and then you can decide how to proceed.

Aerial photography is a powerful and state-of-the-art tool that the modern world is fortunate to have at its disposal. If your business isn’t making use of the plethora of advantages to be gained from it, you are missing out on a unique means of getting ahead. Contact Ben Nichols Photography today and let me open your eyes to a new kind of technical proficiency.

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