Expert Freelance Photographer

My name’s Ben Nichols and I’m an expert¬†freelance photographer with expertise in the fields of aerial and drone photography, landscape photography, product photography¬†and fieldsports photography.

I have over a decade of experience in taking high quality, dramatic and beautiful photographs, and can deliver a wide range of different photography for commercial businesses and the public sector.

Expert freelance photographer Ben Nichols Photography in Glen Etive, Scotland

A passion for photography

Being an expert freelance photographer im never happier than when I’m photographing the Highlands of Scotland or Wales, I first started working in UK landscape photography but my passion for the outdoors soon developed into taking aerial and drone photography. Using the latest technology and bringing my creative landscape photography experience to the world of aerial photographs.

I later realised that I wanted to create good quality striking product photography, and loved being able to move between all three disciplines. Never happier than when I’m knee deep in a creative project, getting the best photographs for customers, I believe my love for photography shines through in all my work.

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