The way to Ben Starav

For me it’s getting to that time of year again when I like to start planning winter trips to Scotland. I love photographing in Scotland while it is in its winter coat. Just being in amongst the mountains and Lochs has a real special place in my heart. Especially around Glencoe, Glen Etive, And the Nevis Range. This Photo of Ben Starav was taken on a cold February night under moonlight.  It was taken from the track leading to Glenceitlein Cottage. We had some really poor weather for our photography trip while staying in Glenceitlein. Not rain but, but either heavy clouds, fog or strong winds. But during the evening it cleared, the moon came out and the temperature dropped giving perfect conditions for some night photography. Ben Starav is the big snow topped Mountain to the left of the image and Glen Etive is nestled behind the trees.

Climbing To Get The Image

The day after this image was taken there was a gap in the weather the wind had dropped sufficiently enough to attempt a climb. The whole reason for us being there was to capture an image from high up on Starav.  looking out towards Glen Etive and Glencoe.

After a leisurely breakfast we packed our rucksacks and headed out down the track heading for the base of Ben Starav to start our accent.After a few hours of climbing we had reached half way.  Only to be told by a climber coming down that it was very dangerous on-top as the winds had picked up. That  had created a snow cornice on the north side that we were climbing.Having read the avalanche forecast in the morning for the area, Ben Starav was not on the list. But we decided to air on the side of caution. And climb another 50 metres higher to a ledge. So I could more easily set the camera up and capture the image I wanted.

Having got the images we headed back down to a well deserved fire, food and a wee dram.