TBM to the day, last year, standing on the Top of Ben Nevis at 2AM in the morning having climbed it at night to raise money for Alzheimer’s Society im on the left and my mate Richard on the right, we raised just over £1000 for such a great course, but  what people don’t know is the amount of determination and effort it took for me to achieve one of my bucket list litrally dragging my right leg to get up to the top, having suffered with for Fybromyalgia for many years. And for Richard who took a fall on the way down! It took me a week to recover and get my body back in order. people say why do you do it, why do you climb these remote places to take photographs, theres one reason, look at the smiles on our faces… #bennevis #alzeimerssociety #charity #scotland_insta #highlands #scotland #fybromyalgia